175 Easy-To-Do-Easter Crafts

175 Easy-To-Do-Easter Crafts

Valentine's Day is behind us, and many crafters have turned their sights towards Easter. I know, I know. We haven't even made our way past St. Patrick's Day, but with all the adorable kid-friendly projects available for the bunny-loving holiday, it's certainly not to early to gather the kiddies around the table and start making some little decorations together.


If you're not quite ready to start making Easter crafts with your children, you should at least peak ahead to decide what you'd like to make together. It gives you some advanced notice to collect any materials you need, and let's face it, start begging your family and friends to collect toilet paper rolls and other reusable essentials that normally get discarded, like milk jugs and cereal boxes.

There are a large number of holiday craft books available, but my family has fallen in love with the 175 Easy-to-Do series of kid-friendly craft project books. Each book is settled around a theme from everyday crafts to Christmas and Halloween. And, of course, they have a 175 Easy-to-Do Easter Crafts available as well.


I really like this book—and really the whole series—because it has so many adorable ideas to choose from and they're simple enough that my boys can really get into them without needing my assistance very often. The projects are also relatively inexpensive to make and often require craft supplies that most crafty families already have on hand.


If you're looking for some cute spring and Easter crafts to do with your children, this book is a great place to start. I also highly recommend the series for other kid-friendly craft projects to keep them creative all year round.