Big Book of Beautiful Beads

Big Book of Beautiful Beads

Last week we talked about beading jewelry, but what if you want to take it further. Beautiful beads, whether they're made from stones, gems, glass or crystal, can add a whole new dimension to pillows, curtains, handbags and all kinds of décor. And when you choose the right beads and techniques anything can go from ordinary to stunning.


I was looking over some of my wife's craft books while she was working on a piece of jewelry and I came across Kp Books Big Book of Beautiful Beads: Over 100 Beading Projects You Can Make. As I leafed through, I found a good number of jewelry pieces, from necklaces to earrings, but there were other pieces that were just amazing.

One of the most impressive sections was the French-Beaded Flowers. They were stand alone pieces of full sized flowers, from bloom to stem, all done with bead work. I'm not sure that they'd really complement the style of our home, but for those who love sparkly centerpieces, these projects would be showstoppers.


Along with the individual projects, the book also does a great job of explaining standard techniques that can be used throughout your beading projects. It has a nice selection of simple pieces for beginners but also mixes in many stunning pieces that would make it a great book for intermediate and skilled beading fans, too.


If you are into bead work or would like to learn how to add some sparkly, but classy, style to your existing décor, the Big Book of Beautiful Beads is worthy of adding to your collection. There are lots of projects to keep your creativity going for quite some time.