Easy gift idea: Homemade craft kit

Easy gift idea: Homemade craft kit

Need a cheap, easy idea for a fun gift? Try making a homemade craft kit.

If you’re searching for an easy, cheap gift idea, many people—especially children—would love a homemade craft kit. You can usually make this with things you find around the house, but if you have to purchase supplies you shouldn’t have to venture any farther than the dollar store.

Start with a container for your craft kit. Maybe you have a bucket you could use, or a pretty box. A simple recycled Kleenex box, or any box from the grocery store, would work, too. A shoebox is the perfect size. You could even decorate the box, or provide materials to decorate it for the recipient such as stickers.

Now comes the fun part: filling up your box! Be as creative as you like as you select various ink pens, pencils, crayons, and other implements for drawing and coloring. Oil pastels aren’t as expensive as many would think and make a great, unexpected gift. Markers, paints, and other pigmented mediums work well, too.

Recycled materials such as straws, toilet paper tubes, and extra buttons from your garments all come in handy when making crafts. Anything extra you have around the house, from necklaces you no longer want to cotton balls (which make excellent pom poms in a pinch), are great additions to your craft box. Popsicle sticks are another staple! You can collect them as you eat them or buy a cheap package at the store.

Make sure to add something to hold projects together. Tape works, but some sort of glue—whether school glue, tacky glue, or a glue stick—is much more versatile. Glitter glue will likely earn you a giant grin of thanks. You can also include stampers for paint by gluing string on squares of cardboard in the shapes of letters or pictures. You can also make sponge stamp shapes by cutting your cleaning sponges into hearts, stars, or other fun shapes.

Scissors are another essential component to your craft kit gift, as is something to use as a base—like recycled paper. If you’re creating a small box, feel free to cut the paper to fit, or to roll it up and secure it with a rubber band. Rubber bands are great for crafts, too—as are paper clips.

For an extra special treat, include a coupon in the package for some craft time with you! Nothing beats the gift of time, especially when you’re covered in glitter. Of course, some real coupons to a store like JoAnn’s or another hobby center would be great, too. You can print some good ones just by following that link.