Look What You Can Make with Boxes

Look What You Can Make with Boxes

We just got our set of four craft books from Highlights magazine in the mail and my daughter is pretty excited about diving right into the projects they describe. The book Look What You

Can Make With Boxes: Over 90 Pictured Crafts and Dozens of Other Ideas seems to be her favorite so far. It’s a good thing we keep most of our boxes once we’re finished with them; however, I can already tell that we’re going to need a bigger box for a couple of the crafts, including a dollhouse she wants to make for her animals and a kid-sized car to drive.

Most of the projects in the book look pretty simple, and about half of them have practical applications—such as book ends (I love this idea, though if we paint I’ll have to add a sealant or tape since I can’t stand the texture of paint when I feel it and move it around), magazine holders (we’ve already made these from cereal boxes, actually), and shadow boxes. While many of the playthings you can make look pretty cool—especially the marble experiment, musical instruments, and special shoes for kids to make and wear from boxes—a few look kind of silly and boring. The frog box, fashioned from baby wipes boxes, is especially creepy and sort of useless. That said, the majority of the projects do seem worthwhile.

What I really appreciate about this book is the realness of its photos. I can’t stand how parenting websites and magazines show you samples of a finished project and they never look a bit like yours; in fact, you can usually tell that they, say, used markers or paint instead of crayons, like they tell you to use. It’s downright irritating! The photos in this book are all very realistic, depicting what could even be real kids’ work—and that’s how art projects should be. I subscribe to many kids’ art blogs for this very reason.

Another great thing about the projects in the book is that they employ only a few art materials—mostly things that parents generally have on hand, from glue and construction paper to perhaps googly eyes and glitter—and they use a wide variety of boxes, from juice boxes to oats canisters. If you need a book for some good rainy day fun ideas, or just to give you some ideas about what to do with those extra boxes, this one could definitely help you out.