Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking

Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking

My wife got into scrapbooking about five years ago when a local store opened specializing in the artform. She went in and got so many supplies that I still think there's a few boxes in the basement that haven't been touched.

It became a hobby and pastime that she thoroughly enjoyed, and many of the memories of our family are stored in the pages of her many scrapbooks. When she makes a scrapbook, it looks more like a work of art, than the homemade designs of work-from-home mother. Much of what she learned came from the "Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking" by Creating Keepsakes. The company that created the book is a longstanding and trusted company in the scrapbooking world.

When she first started, lets just say it wasn't pretty. The book helped show her the proper tools and techniques to create beautiful scrapbooks. The book included scrapbooking fundamentals, techniques for embellishing and help with photography, journaling, computers and ways to increase your productivity.

I am not going to say that her scrapbooks transformed overnight, but with practice she became the envy of her scrapbooking group. Even if you think you're an expert scrapbooker, I know there are some tricks in this books that you can learn from. Creating Keepsakes is a major scrapbooking player,and they want you to make great scrapbooks, so you'll keep buying their products.

The book is very visual with plenty of photos and illustrations to make sure you know where to cut and where to paste. There is a reason why scrapbooking is popular this book is one of them.