September 2011

Sewing Made Clear Thanks to Reader's Digest

"The Complete Guide to Sewing" is a book filled with sewing brilliance appropriate for all sewing skill levels.

Reader’s Digest’s “Complete Guide to Sewing” has become as essential to me as thread and a needle when it comes to sewing projects. This book truly is a complete guide. The collection of information does not merely define popular (and obscure) sewing terms, but provides full pictures of every snip, stitch and seam imaginable.  

The first section is set up for beginner sewers, or anyone looking for a refresher. Titled, “Necessities of Sewing”, it covers all the tools, supplies, sewing terms and equipment necessary to start a sewing project. But this book is not just for beginners, it is designed to assist a whole range of sewing levels from the first simple pillow case to highly intricate gowns and more.

The book can be used as a guide for sewing every piece of clothing or home items such as curtains and bedspreads, or it can simply be used as a resource for those who are more comfortable using a pattern for sewing projects. The index is comprehensive and directs sewers to answers to any of their questions on terms they come across while reading a pattern. The “Complete Guide to Sewing” is also helpful for people looking to customize patterns by adding collars, hoods, pockets and more.

When I originally purchased this book I figured it would collect dust on my bookshelf along with so many other crafting books which simply aren’t practical. Much to my surprise, I end up referring to the book throughout every sewing project I start and finish. Less surprising, my sewing projects are turning out better than ever before because of the knowledge gleaned from “The Complete Guide to Sewing”.